Carer Reviews

Help and support for carers

All staff at Sutterton Surgery recognise the important and valuable contribution made by carers. A carer is defined as a person irrespective of age who, without payment, provides help and support on a regular basis to a relative, partner, friend or neighbour of any age affected by physical or mental illness (often long-term), disability, frailty or substance misuse.

Carers play a crucial role in the delivery of health and social care provision in the UK. We actively strive to identify and support carers and those being cared for in the local community. If you are a carer, please advise our reception team of this on 01205 460254.

As a carer, our Practice Nurse will invite you for an annual review to see if there is any additional support that we could offer you, and to review your own physical and mental health. The Practice Nurse will also offer you the seasonal flu vaccination that you are entitled to receive for free as a registered carer.