Information on asthma

Asthma is a common inflammatory condition that affects the lungs causing narrowing of the airways. This results in patients experiencing the symptoms of breathlessness, cough (often worse at night-time), wheeze and chest tightness. The symptoms can vary from mild to severe, and can be kept under control with inhalers. Asthma is very common with around 5.0 million people in the United Kingdom suffering from this.

If you have confirmed Asthma, you will be invited for a review with our trained Practice Nurse once a year. At this check, the Practice Nurse will:

  • Discuss your symptoms, triggers and the impact your symptoms are having on you
  • Review your inhaler technique, so please bring your inhalers to your appointment
  • Measure the capacity of your lungs called Peak Flow (if aged over 5)
  • Provide help with stopping smoking if applicable
  • Provide you with a detailed personal self-management plan for your Asthma
  • Give you advice about your inhalers, and make changes to these if appropriate
  • Offer you the annual Flu Vaccine if you own a preventer inhaler


If you are concerned that you have Asthma, please book an appointment with a GP on 01205 460254.