Patient Participation Group Minutes

Sutterton Surgery Patient Participation Group

Points Raised at a Meeting Held at Sutterton Surgery On Wednesday 26 September 2018

Present: Lizzie, Liz, Daphne, Mary, Elizabeth, Bob, Kevin and Karen 

Apologies: Colette



Minutes from the last meeting

Minutes accepted by the committee present and signed off the Vice Chair.

Matters Arising from the previous minutes

Daphne had concerns that everything should be recorded in the minutes, everyone agreed.

Resignation of Chair and Secretary

Officer elections:

Chairman - Lizzie agreed to take on the position of Chair with support from the Vice Chair if she had work commitments.

Vice Chairman – Bob

Treasurer – Liz

Secretary – Daphne (with help from Karen)

Daphne proposed that it would be prudent to hold office for no longer than 2 years.

Kevin felt it would be preferable to have an open vote, with respect to individual’s right to privacy if requested.

Kevin suggested bi-monthly meetings, all agreed.

Bob suggested that there should be no more than one member of the same family on the committee.

Treasurer Report

Liz explained that she had been sent the wrong paying in book and had received the surgery book. Consequently, the proceeds from the Gala and donations bottle (on reception) had been paid into the surgery account.  Liz rectified this with Nat West Bank.  Karen passed a cheque in the sum of £311.00 to Liz.

Balance to date: £600.00

Liz to complete Audit at a later date.

Doctors Report

Dr Hughes thanked the group for their dedication and wanted to particularly thank Bob and Diane Enright for their generosity and dedication over the past 15 years. Karen has sent them a thank you letter. He said we were looking a complicated flu campaign this year, with some practices not receiving their flu delivery and some not ordered any. 

Referral Facilitation Service - Optum

Dr H and KT had a meeting this lunchtime with two members of the above team as Dr H had initially objected to this. The aim of the scheme is to check referrals made, and forward to the appropriate route to save wasted, inappropriate referrals.  E.g. Wrong clinics, but ultimately the referring Dr has the final say.  This is to cover three local CCGs.  Dr H and KT happier now discussed with Optum.


Dr H is the Chairman of SLCCG Prescribing team.

Kevin asked how we do on the prescribing of generics.

Dr H told the group we prescribe 85 – 90% generic and try to use the same manufacturer each month for continuity.

Pennygate surgery was discussed and Dr H thought that the dis-investment from NHS England had contributed to Dr Nathu’s retirement.

Too much money spent on neighbourhood teams, Care coordinators, as the GP/DN are the neighbourhood team.

Practice population – 3545, room for a few more patients.

Practice Manager Report

Please see attached.

Flu Clinics

Bacon sandwiches

Sausage rolls – Mary


Tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc.


Nothing to report

Fund Raising

Elizabeth to hold a coffee morning in the near future.

Bob has the Quiz in hand and provided Flyers and has forwarded to Round N About for October and November. Date  15.11.18

Daph offered to get 6 raffle prizes and 4 prizes for winning team.

Discussion centred on the suggestion of £1 per entry quiz. Bob to ask Mr John Sellars to help with this. (Treasure Hunt)

Any other business

Could we specify what we are raising the money for, eg. a particular item.

New room needed, possibility of a portacabin

Elizabeth mentioned that Kirton Pharmacy charge for sample bottles, 20p each, we do not charge for ours.

Date of next meeting

14 November 2018 at 2:30