Cervical Screening Guide

Information on cervical screening (smear test) including a short video.

Every day eight women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and three die from the disease. Yet cervical cancer is largely preventable thanks to the NHS cervical screening programme and HPV vaccination programme.

In the UK, 22% of UK women do not attend their cervical screening (smear test) invitation. Research suggests that awareness of cervical cancer and prevention is lower amongst women from an ethnic minority background and these women have a different perception and face different barriers to screening than white women. Health literacy may also play a role in low screening attendance. 

This short film entitled 'Your Guide to Cervical Screening (smear test)' aims to give women more information about smear tests. The video was made with input from focus groups of women from across the Midlands, a professional Reference Development Research Group made up of experts in screening and local community groups, and features real women and new animation custom created specifically for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.

Please share this film with your community and help us raise awareness that smear tests save lives #SmearTestsSaveLives